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Astronomy Photographs

Milky Way

June 10, 2002 from Anza Observatory. I simply propped my Canon A-1 with 50 mm lens on an 10" LX200, F 1.8, 30 min Fuji 800 Superia,

Leonids December 2002

Anza Borrego State Park

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2002

From Anza, California.

Solar Eclipse with Strange Flare June 10, 2002

From in Anza, California. Meade ETX 90 F13, 10 Seconds, Fuji 800


Center of the Milky Way, July 5, 2002, Anza Observatory, 20 min, Fuji 1600 Superia, 2.8, Canon A-1 with 50 mm lens, mounted piggyback on Meade LX200 10", no guiding. Teapot of Sagittarius is to the left, Antares is bright red star to right.

Some Stereo Links:

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