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Miscellaneous Essays and Notes

These are general essays and notes; please feel free to send me your reactions, comments, or any other associations they may trigger.

Opening Chapter (co-authored with Rob Kolodner) in : Person-Centered Health Records : Toward HealthePeople,  by James E. Demetriades (Editor), Robert M. Kolodner (Editor), Gary A. Christopherson (Editor), Springer-Verlag, 2005

World Wide Web and the Demise of the Clockwork Universe Presented at the 1994 World Wide Web Conference in Chicago.  Stumbling upon the web and the Santa Fe Institute at the same time was quite a convergence.
Jubilation Deficiency Disorder I wrote this after working with artist/sculptor/philosopher James T. Hubbell, and read his essay, The Architecture of Jubilation
Nothing is Missing This came out of a 1981 trip to Japan, looking for connection between Japanese and American thinking; written after a return in 1998.
Web Watch Columns A set of weekly columns written in 1995 for the San Diego Daily Transcript
Creating an Epidemic of Health August 1995 US Medicine article written with Heather Wood Ion which first discussed Jonas Salk's concept of an Epidemic of Health
From DHCP to Vision for Change March 1997 US Medicine article discussing technology dealing with VA's "Vision for Change" initiative
From Hospitals to Communities November 1995 US Medicine article discussing the notion of scale and change of focus from hospitals to communities
Presentation in Santa Cruz, Ca. Some ideas about connectivity and global transformation presented to a group working on Augmented Social Networks in Santa Cruz, Ca. June 22, 2001

These are some papers I've written for the  Department of Veterans Affairs:

HealthSpace (139kb) January, 1998 Some early thoughts on the notion of creating a "space" rather than a "system" of health.
Some Applications of Complexity Theory to Health Care (93kb) December, 1998 Discusses the concepts of Dee Hock's "Chaordic" thinking to health care, as well as general complexity theory issues
Shared Meaning and Health Informatics (70kb) January, 1999 Discusses some of the challenges of overspecific standards efforts, as well as some of the underlying philosophies.
Concepts of the Data Vault (57kb) February, 1999 Introduces the notion of a personal data vault as a key component of a personal health space per patient.
From Enterprise to Person-Centric Health Information Systems(54kb) April, 1999 Discusses the shift from enterprise-based health care to person-centric.
Health as a Medium (241kb) May, 1999 Portrays health as a medium, and many health problems as a "failure to communicate."
Personalizing Health (107kb) June, 1999 Discusses the issues of personalization at several levels
Steps towards an Epidemic of Health (95kb) July, 1999 Discusses some of the initial conditions required to create an epidemic of health.
Design Patterns for Health (461kb) August, 1999 Explores the application of architect/philosopher Christopher Alexander's ideas to health
New Health and the New Economy (67kb) October, 1999 Compares a new vision of health with the "New Rules of the New Economy" book by Kevin Kelly
Rethinking Complexity (63kb) November, 1999 Discusses issues of complexity and how to circumvent them using "space" metaphor.
Health and the Devil's Staircase (45kb) January, 2000 Applies fractal thinking to health
Systemic Issues of Patient Safety (208kb) March, 2000 Introduces a spectrum of scales to think about health, relates this to the notion of patient safety.
Tipping an Epidemic of Health (95kb) May, 2000 Discusses why the connectivity provided by the Internet is on the verge of creating an epidemic of health
Ensembles and Transformations (23kb) July, 2000 Introduces ensembles as communities of interest which provide a context for transformations.
Health and Positive Discourse (109kb) August, 2000 Examines notions of Appreciative Inquiry, positive discourse, and optimism in light of Internet technology
Flipping from Negative to Positive Discourse (25k) September, 2000 Examines the effects of negative discourse, how naming a problem can make it worse, and examples of positive discourse.
Assumptions of the Transactional Health Model October, 2000 Examines some of the assumptions of the transactional model of health, such as linearity, the economics of scarcity, and deficit discourse.
A Transformational Notion of Health November, 2000 Discusses transformational concepts in health, flipping assumptions of the above transformational model
New Perspectives July, 2001 Discusses the inversion of enterprise/person relationship, complementary currencies, and HailStorm architecture(.pdf) (html)
Towards a language of Health (122K) Nov, 2001 Proposes Genos, a language which would allow expression of health and genomic information for clinical use. (html) (pdf)
Can Health Care IT Adapt? (800K) Jan, 2002 Discusses issues for adaptation in our information technology infrastructure, in light of prospective advances in Genomics and Proteomics (html)
From Systems to Spaces June, 2002 A space-based metaphor for patient health information systems (htm) (pdf)