New Words and Neologisms


My Definition

Ouroboric Thinking

Based on the Greek and Egyptian mythical serpent which is eating its tail. Ouroboric thinking represents systems as a continuum of scales, in which the largest loops back to the smallest. (See Martin Rees’ Six Numbers).


Eclectic Thoughts brought together from a selected set of disciplines, possibly including my own.


(Programmer’s dictionary) The irrational fear of wasting CPU cycles. I discovered this in 1977 after soldering together my first microcomputer board. After I booted it up, it displayed a "*" prompt, and then went into a 3 instruction loop waiting for my input. Having learned programming on mainframe computers, where "wasting CPU time" was a terrible thing, I had an urge to turn off the power supply, to keep from wasting CPU cycles on my little microcomputer. Variations of this disease are still prevalent.