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Retroinformation ideas

Here are some ideas that I've been throwing around over the years. Vernor Vinge and I used to talk about these things at our lunches the Greek restaurant in Sorrento Valley. 

Retroinformation: Information that can be communicated between different eras and scales. 

Wormhole Transport Protocol (WTP) an information transport layer that extends HTTP to allow endpoint servers to be in different eras or scale. HTTP with parameters for era and time domain. Information is filtered via a CASER mechanism, which blocks information that is not self-consistent.  Channels may open up between scales, such as quantum and macro scales, or ants and their ant colony, or worms and their ecosystem.

Wormhole Transport Markup Language (WTML).  A language used to describe the communication channel to communicate between endpoints using the WTP servers.  This language protocol will start out simply, and evolve as the level of trust and consistency increases.

Era: a time domain, describing the time domain of the endpoints of the WTP. Thus, eras may describe world lines that are related as "future" or "past" of the same object, but not necessarily the same one. Jitter: the time domain difference betweeen eras. 

CASER: Causal Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Retroinformation. A filter/resonate mechanism with ports connecting different time domains. It allows information to be emitted only when self-consistent. This filters retroinformation to only allow self-consistent information to flow. 

Causal Amplification: The ability for retro information to increase or decrease some event within the probability distribution function of another era. To the local observer, a causally amplified event seems like something that happens "normally." To the remote observer (communicating via WTP), this is way of bootstrapping their own present. 

Inter-Era bootstrap: A mechanism by which one era is able to start up communication with another era. If both endpoints are in the same world line, then the earlier era must open up the WTP server port in order for the future era to download enrichment information, increasing the retroinformative capacity of the channel.   WTML 1.0 is the most primitive version of the language used, which may itself be bootstrapped to higher levels.

Retroinformative Capacity: (of a retroinformation channel) The state of the channel, and degree to which an Inter-Era bootstrap process has begun. Self-consistent future: a requirement of any retroinformative channel. Non-WTP communication maintains self-consistency in a world line by restricting requiring strict causality (all events are preceeded by their causes). As retroinformation channels are added to an Era's domain, self-consistent future is maintained by strict CASER filtering. 

Hacking the CASER: If the CASER mechanism is hacked, then the self-consistency of the worldlines of the affected Eras may be lost. 

Tools for maintaining self-consistency in retroinformation channels:

  • Negation-free language.  WTML does not allow the expression of negation.  This precludes certain paradoxical expressions, such as "This sentence is false"
  • Identity diffusion: WTML does not allow the identification of individual elements.  This precludes going back and altering the behavior of one's grandparents.  This inhibits self-referential paradoxes, as "This sentence is false" would be prohibited because "This" identity would be blocked.
  • Scale diffusion.  Channels may be opened between different scales, such as ants and their ant colony.  In this case, the identity of the individual ants would be diffused over the scale jitter.


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